At Apollo and A Bib, family is the core, inspiration and motivation of what we do. If living through a pandemic in the twenty-first century has revealed anything to us, it is that our loved ones, our family, including our fur children, are what keep us going through the hard times.

Our fur children do so much for us. Their world revolves around us and they love us unconditionally. After a long day, as soon as our fur children approach us for a cuddle, a belly rub or a scratch under the chin, we feel better, and the hardships of the day are forgotten. Our children are truly wonderful little people. There is no doubt that parenthood can be difficult, demanding and tiresome, but love is the strength we have to keep going. We believe that there is nothing better in life than being with our loved ones, our family and our friends and to us, that includes our fur children.

Thus, at Apollo and A Bib, our mission statement is to produce only the highest quality products made to last for our children and fur children. We feel we should give our little ones the best things in life. We believe high quality clothing and homeware is not just for the social media photo (although the photo enables to capture the precious moment of time and share it with our loved ones), but more so, for everyday comfort and style and the wellbeing of our families.

It is with great joy that we present to you our first Classic Apollo clothes range for the modern child and fur child. We invite you to join our mailing list to be the first to know about our upcoming products.

Kat, Johnny and Apollo x